Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Monthly Giveaway!

Winner: Judy Haynes & Friend Donna Gamble

Rumor has it that many of you have been anxiously waiting for the arrival of Sweetwater's Volume ll! You are not alone! We are in love with this reproduction! How would you like to win a yard or two...or four? This month we are giving away yardage, not to only one of you, but to you and a friend! It's always more fun to sew with a friend, right? Two yards for you and two yards for your sewing buddy. You can mix and match by the 1/2 yard cut or you can choose 2 yards of the same.
To enter: Tell us who you sewing buddy is and why? How does he/she inspire you? I know you probably have a sewing posse that inspires you, but for giveaway purposes, it can only be split two ways. You can however, enter multiple times with different sewing buddies. 
Also, visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to enter there too!
Ta ta for now! Happy sewing!!


  1. Your blog is darling! My sewing buddy is my mom. With running a sewing school we get to shop, sew and create all the time together!Love how sewing has brought us closer. :)

  2. My sewing buddy is my friend Karen. We have so much fun inspiring each other and enabling each others fabric addiction!

  3. My friend, Charlene, is an inspiration to me. She has so many good ideas and is so helpful.

  4. My sewing friend is Jean. She is 88 years old and has been my quilting mentor and adoptive mother for the past 6 years. She has taught me everything I know about quilting. I have had a personal instructor and best friend for a while.